Dubai Lottery

The Dubai Lottery, also called the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Lottery, was launched way back in 1999 to reward travelers with extra cash before they continue their journey. And, since then, there is no looking back because it’s one of the most anticipated lotteries for travelers flying in and out of Dubai. The lottery primarily operates from the Dubai International Airport and is famous worldwide due to the high odds of winning. There is no cap on the number of tickets you can buy, so you can increase the odds by purchasing more tickets.

Since its inception, there have been a massive number of winners, each of who has won the US $1 million jackpot. Seven lucky winners have won the prize more than once.

How to play the Millennium Millionaire Lottery

For playing the Dubai Lottery, a player has to purchase a ticket that carries a unique identification number. On the day of the draw, all the numbers are pooled together, and a number is picked at random. The winner is the person whose ticket number is drawn. DDF millennium millionaire is more of a raffle based lottery than a conventional 'draw' lottery wherein players have to choose a bunch of numbers.

The ticket promotion is capped at 5,000 tickets, and the draw takes place every 2-3 weeks. There is no fixed specified date for the draw. However, the schedule is published in advance on the website of Dubai duty-free. Draws are conducted at the duty-free mall located at the Dubai International airport, and the results are published on, their official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

The odd of winning a prize are one-in-5000, which is by far one of the best odds for an international lottery.

Buying Tickets

Dubai Lottery image Unlike many lotteries, you don’t have to travel to Dubai to purchase the tickets. You have to log onto the Dubai Lottery  website and create an account. You will have to provide details of your passport for registering on the official website. After registering, you can purchase a ticket using a debit or credit card. DDF issues a digital ticket via the registered email address. For those who don’t have a debit/credit card, the Dubai Lottery provides the option of telegraphic transfer. One good thing about online transactions is that anyone can purchase the ticket, and there is no cap on who can and who cannot.

You can ealso buy tickets from Irish Village Shop and FS counters at Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

The cost of the ticket is AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) 1,000 each. For the Finest Surprise Cars and Bikes, the tickets cost Dh 500 and Dh 100, respectively.

Interestingly, you can also reserve a particular ticket number via email or telephone. Unfortunately, the Dubai Lotteryhas not provided any details on how you can reserve the desired ticket number.

How to Claim your Prize

Dubai Lottery makes only wire transfer to the Millenium Millionaire winners. For claiming the prize, you are required to submit the original ticket which you purchased, a proof of the banking details and copy of a valid passport. On providing all the information, the prize amount is usually transferred within three to four weeks.

What is the tax deduction?

The jackpot winner receives the entire amount of US $1 million, and DDF doesn’t take any responsibility for paying or reducing the tax amount because the tax varies from country to country. The winner is solely responsible for paying the taxes or fees based on their tax laws.