Dear Durga Puja Bumper Results

Sikkim Dear Durga Puja bumper lottery ticket 2020 image

The Sikkim Dear Durga Puja Bumper draw will take place on 24-10-2020, scheduled for 8pm. There will be two top prize winners of 5 crore each including the Super prize amount. In additiona, there will also be two second prizes of 1 crore each and 20 third prizes of 1- lakh each, making it one of the biggest bumper lotteries in Sikkim. Tickets cost Rs 2,000/- each and in total there will be 200,000 tickets sold for the draw

Remember, winners have only 30 days in which to claim their prize and to provide proof of ownership of the ticket and proof of identity, so check your results as soon as possible.

Sikkim Dear Durga Puja Bumper Results 2020
Rank Ticket Numbers Prize Amount (Rs)
1st TBA 5 Crore
2nd TBA 1 Crore
3rd TBA 10 Lakhs
4th Ending with TBA 9,000/-
5th Ending with TBA 8,000/-
6th Ending with TBA 7,000/-