Rajshree 500 Lottery Results

Rajshree 500 Lottery Ticket The winning numbers and prize winners for the Rajshree 500 Lottery held by Mizoram Lottery will be announced here following the draw on 13-10-2020. The draw is the first big monthly draw of the year in Mizoram after the cancellation of Rajshree 1000 in March. This draw will award 10 top prizes of 11 Lakhs each, and 10 second prizes of 1 lakh each. There are many other prizes for this draw that you can find in the table below along with the winning numbers.

There are 10 series labelled A/B/C/D/E/G/H/J/K/L with numbers 0000 to 9999. The cost per ticket is Rs 500/-.

The table below shows all the winning numbers and prizes in the Rajshree 500 Lottery for Mizoram lottery that will be held on 13-10-2020.

Rajshree 500 Lottery Results
Prize Winning Numbers Prize Amount (Rs)
1st TBC 11 Lakhs
2nd TBC 1 Lakh
3rd TBC 9,000
4th TBC 7,000
5th TBC 5,000
6th TBC 3,000
7th TBC 2,000
8th TBC 1,000