Sambad Lottery

Lottery Sambad is an exciting lottery played across multiple Indian states. Draws are held three times per day, every day. There is a morning draw held in Nagaland at 11:55 am, an afternoon draw held in West Bengal at 4 pm, and a night draw held in Nagaland at 8 pm IST daily. You can view the results shortly after the draws take place - just click the link below for the draw time you want to check:

The Indian Supreme Court has determined that individual states may decide whether they want to legally allow lotteries. The following states allow Lottery Sambad:

Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar) Assam (Dispur) Goa (Panaji) Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram) Madhya Pradesh
Maharashtra (Mumbai) Manipur (Imphal) Meghalaya (Shillong) Mizoram (Aizawl) Nagaland (Kohima)
Punjab (Chandigarh Sikkim (Gangtok) West Bengal    

Lottery Sambad Morning Games

All morning draws are held in Nagaland and run by the Nagaland State Lottery The morning game is the most popular with players! Which draw is your favourite?

Lottery Sambad Morning Games
Game Draw Day Draw Time
Dear Loving Morning Monday 11:55 am
Dear Sincere Morning Tuesday 11:55 am
Dear Faithful Morning Wednesday 11:55 am
Dear Kind Morning Thursday 11:55 am
Dear Tender Morning Friday 11:55 am
Dear Gentle Morning Saturday 11:55 am
Dear Affectionate Morning Sunday 11:55 am

Lottery Sambad Morning Prizes

The morning draw features six prize tiers, including a consolation prize:

Lottery Sambad Afternoon Games

The daily afternoon draws are held in West Bengal and run by the West Bengal State Lottery.

Lottery Sambad Afternoon Games
Game Draw Day Draw Time
Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta Monday 4:00 pm
Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha Tuesday 4:00 pm
Dear Bangabhumi Raidek Wednesday 4:00 pm
Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi Thursday 4:00 pm
Dear Bangabhumi Ajay Friday 4:00 pm
Dear Bangasree Damodar Saturday 4:00 pm
Dear Bangasree Ichamati Sunday 4:00 pm

Lottery Sambad Afternoon Prizes

Below are the prize categories for the afternoon draw:

Lottery Sambad Evening Games

The night draws are held in Nagaland and administered by the Nagaland State Lottery.

Lottery Sambad Night Games
Game Draw Day Draw Time
Dear Flamingo Evening Monday 8:00 pm
Dear Parrot Evening Tuesday 8:00 pm
Dear Eagle Evening Wednesday 8:00 pm
Dear Falcon Evening Thursday 8:00 pm
Dear Vulture Evening Friday 8:00 pm
Dear Ostrich Evening Saturday 8:00 pm
Dear Hawk Evening Sunday 8:00 pm

The evening draw features six prize tiers, including a consolation prize: