Mizoram Lottery

Mizoram state lotteries run six different lottery schemes with draws that take place every single day; Silver 10, Diamond 15, Swan 20, Roja 30, Gold 50 and Orange 100. The draws take place at 3pm and there are six prize tiers in every draw giving the same prizes for each scheme. Tickets cost just Rs 2/-, making them the cheapest lottery tickets to buy in the whole of India.

Mizoram Bumper Lottery Draw: Rajshree 500 Lottery

Below you can see the different prizes in each Mizoram Lottery scheme and the number of winners of each of those prizes.

Mizoram Lottery Prizes
Rank Prize Amount (₹) Number of Prizes Awarded
1st Prize 8,000 1
2nd Prize 3,000 10
3rd Prize 750 10
4th Prize 200 100
5th Prize 100 100
6th Prize 50 1,000

The draws are conducted by the Institutional Finance and State Lottery Government of Mizoram, with the draws taking place at Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl – 796 001, Mizoram. You can buy tickets from any authorised retailer in Mizoram for any of the scheme or draws you wish to enter.

To claim a prize, you must download the winners form below and send it to the above address for the Institutional Finance and State lottery government of Mizoram. You should also add four passport sized photographs, the winning ticket and a notarized photocopy of the original winning ticket. All these steps are to make sure that you are the true winner of the lottery and not someone pretending to be or having stolen someone’s ticket.

Mizoram Winners Claim Form

All prizes are paid in the form of cheque/demand draft or direct transfer to the winners account after necessary charges are deducted, such as income tax.