West Bengal Lottery

The West Bengal Directorate of State Lotteries was established within the Finance Department in 1968. The lottery conducts a transparent draw with live result feeds, and raises funds for state development as well as providing employment opportunities for individuals working in the lottery business.

The West Bengal Lottery conducts six Bumper Draws per year associated with festivals: New Year Bumper, Holi Bumper, Nababarsha Bumper, Rathayatra Bumper, Puja Bumper, and Diwali Bumper.

In 2018, seven weekly lottery draws were introduced. These are part of Lottery Sambad, also known as Dhankesari, a popular game played across a number of Indian states. The Sambad draw held in West Bengal is the afternoon draw at 4 pm daily. Tickets cost Rs 6 each and GST is now payable on lottery purchases. There is also a morning draw that takes place in Nagaland at 11:55 am and a night draw in Nagaland at 8 pm IST every day.

The results are posted soon after the draws are held; select the draw time you want to view results for from the list:

The 4 pm draw is held at the Directorate of State Lotteries in Kolkata. Results are also published in the Dhan Kesari Hindi Lottery Daily newspaper, which is available in Jharkhand, South Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Vidarbha and West Bengal.

West Bengal State Lottery Prizes

Note that one ticket may win a prize from one rank only, whichever has the largest prize.

West Bengal Afternoon Games

These afternoon Dhankesari games are run by the West Bengal State Lottery. There is a different game for each day of the week, and the draws are known by several different names. All games are drawn every day at 4 pm.

Claiming Prizes

If you are lucky enough to win a prize, you will need to submit a completed claim form along with the winning ticket which you have signed on the backside. Some of the information you will need to provide includes your name, address, name of the lottery, prize amount, identification details, photograph, contact number and bank details. Any charges and income tax due will be deducted from the winnings before they are paid out. Submit your affidavit and ticket to: The Director, Directorate of State Lotteries, 23A, N.S. Road, Fortuna Tower (9th Floor), Kolkata-700001.