Keno Lottery

Keno Lottery is an Indian lottery game, which is run by the Pan India Network Ltd. Players can win up to Rs. 21 Lakhs and the jackpot remains the same for every draw. The price of a ticket is Rs. 13., although you can place more than one bet on your numbers, with prizes rising accordingly. Draws take place twice daily at 18.00 and 21.00 IST.

How to Play Keno

Select how many numbers you would like to predict, between two and ten. These are called Spots. If you opt to predict three numbers, this is called the Spot 3 game, if you choose to guess four, it is Spot 4, and so on. The more numbers you play, the bigger the potential prizes.

You then choose the number of bets that you wish to make on your numbers. The maximum number of bets for each panel is ten, with your prize multiplied accordingly.

Once you have done this, pick your numbers from a pool of 20 by marking them on your playslip. If you don’t want to choose your own numbers, the Quick Pick and Lucky Pick options automatically create a random line on your behalf.

Spot 10 players must match all ten of their numbers from the 20 drawn to win the jackpot prize. The prize structure for a single bet in all of the different games the Keno Lottery is as follows:

Numbers Matched
Numbers Predicted 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Spot 2 140
Spot 3 40 200
Spot 4 20 50 600
Spot 5 30 250 4,500
Spot 6 20 90 800 5,000
Spot 7 20 30 150 1,300 40,000
Spot 8 20 100 1,000 4,965 3.5 Lacs
Spot 9 20 50 250 1,100 55,000 7.5 Lacs
Spot 10 10 30 120 1,000 10,000 80,000 21 Lacs

How to Claim Keno Lottery Prizes

Keno Lottery prizes up to Rs. 10,000 can be claimed from any authorised retailer. Prizes that are above Rs. 10,000 can be claimed using a claim from. You can contact your local retailer for more information.

Keno Lottery Tickets


Keno Lottery tickets are available to buy from the official Playwin website with a Playwin card. Playwin cards are available to purchase from authorised lottery retailers or you can order a card using SMS or email. The cards come pre-loaded in the amounts of Rs. 200, 500, 1000 and 5000. Players should note that they can only play online using the Playwin card and other payment methods are not accepted.


Keno Lottery tickets can be purchased at any authorised retail outlet. Once you have filled in your playslip, give it to the retailer, who will take care of processing the ticket. Players are reminded to keep tickets safe and secure, so that they can be used as proof of purchase when claiming winnings.